10 worst comic book adaptations

Not every comic book superhero adaptation gets turns into gold at the box office. Weve been very fortunate lately, with some amazingly inventive and faithful comic book adaptations, like john. On igns list of the top 100 comic book villains of all time, dr. Yes, the partnership of humphrey bogart and lauren bacall as philip marlowe and vivian rutledge is inspired, but its the manner in which all involved maintain the enigmatic core of chandlers book that really delights. The 10 worst comicbook movie adaptations of all time fark. While the larger the marvel cinematic universe grows and develops. He is second only to dr strange when it comes to magical.

I shared my worst of 2016 list with you guys last week, and as new years eve looms, here are the comic book flicks i consider to be the very best of the past 12 months. For the last 20 years comic book movies have played a role in pop culture that none could have predicted. Top 10 best comic adaptations of alltime this summer we are going to get another shot at spiderman and the fantastic four. Top 10 comics and graphic novels to read before theyre. The joker propelled the film to an unprecedented financial and critical success that remains unmatched by any other comic book adaptations. But sadly not all adaptations quite live up to their two dimensional counterparts, and today we sort the wheat from the needlessly scanty pvc. The 10 worst comic book adaptations of all time features forget iron man and the dark knight for a minute, and instead be frightened by 10 comic book adaptations that bring us out in a shudder. It seems like its been going on forever, but it hasnt really. It has a generally favorable metacritic metascore of 78.

Hes the archenemy of the fantastic four and has battled other marvel good guys over the years. Dead and loving it but this is easily the funniest adaptation of the book, albeit completely unintentionally. Howard the duck is one of the most ridiculous comic book characters ever conceived, so why hollywood thought the concept would translate. Films that were bad and based off of anything counts, ex. Despite being known as pretty much the worst stephen king adaptation of all time, children of the corn spawned a franchise of ten films. How hard is it to write about bad comic book movie adaptations. For your information, all ten of those appeared in the imdb list of worst stephen king adaptations, but only the first one is based on actual king material, so, here we are. But not every comic marvel published was a masterpiece in fact, some arent even good. This year, the xmen are back with a new director, and the xmens old director is back with an even older superhero. As comic book adaptations have reached a zenith of output, we take a look at the worst flops to hit the small and big screen over the years. This time around, well be looking at some of the anime adaptations that were rejected by some, or even the majority of fans. Your best and worst of comic book movie adaptations. The 10 worst comic book sequels to great movies cbr. A new york times be 10 of the best graphic novel and comic book film adaptations raindance.

So today were going in the opposite direction, and im sharing my picks for the 10 worst comic book movies of alltime. Book movies top 10 worst villains in comic book movies top 10 worst liveaction comic book movies of the 21st century top ten worst comic book animated tv shows top 10 worst comic book supervillain names list stats. Prior to xmen, it was pretty widely believed that the first two superman and tim burton batman films were the only good comic book movies. While the superhero boom in hollywood has made many people rich and turned many superhero films into massive blockbusters, there are exceptions. Comics often show us things we may have not seen on the big screen. There are more awful comic book movies than issues in the archie series, but these ten are the worst of the worst. Maybe they didnt adapt the entire story, or maybe their anime original ending was so infuriating it caused fans to be retroactively angry with the entire series. Worst comic book movie adaptations of all time digital spy rounds up its top ten superhero stinkers. The 10 worst comic book adaptations of all time features forget iron man and the dark knight for a minute, and instead be frightened by 10 comic book adaptations that. What did ryan reynolds do to the screenwriter for this monstrosity to occur. Sadly the only comic book adaptation to appear on this side of the list, richard donner s superman is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Forget iron man and the dark knight for a minute, and instead be frightened by 10 comic book adaptations that bring us out in a shudder.

The special effects may be some of the worst committed to cinema, with one infamous scene featuring a giant praying mantis that looks like it was drawn in ms paint. Sometimes when a character comes to the big screen they are hyper accurate to their comic book counterpart. These days, movies based on comic books are a big deal. Comic book collect comics bulletin is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, and any other website that may be affiliated with amazon service llc associates program. Based on the dc comics title about an allfemale crimefighting team, this series which aired on the wb for its episode season came about in a dark time for comic book adaptations, since. How does junji itos horror storytelling hold up in the many liveaction adaptations of his work. Superheroes and the comic book universe in italian cinema. The 15 worst book to film adaptations of all time taste.

It should come as no surprise to fans of alan moore and comic book movies, in general, to know that rotten tomatoes ranks the league of extraordinary gentlemen as the worst movie based on moores works. Hollywood blockbusters have gone comic book with the advent of convincing cgi technology. Not to mention, it might be one of the worst comic book adaptations of alltime. Here is a great article from denofgeek that root mazer brought to my attention. So with no more delay, here are the 10 most faithful comic book adaptations in film.

Nolan is currently working on a followup that could show up in 2011. It includes films that are adaptations of comics, and those films whose characters originated in those comics. These two i added, you guys can add the rest because i have not seen any other ones so i cant judge them thanks. The 10 worst comictofilm character redesigns youtube. Best and worst movies based on comic books metacritic. And even in the wake of xmen, most superhero films have been mediocre at best, with only a handful sticking out at good. Earlier this week we presented you with the 10 best comic book adaptations of alltime. The merc with a mouth lost his mouth, had kitanas implanted in his arms and was supposedly the amalgamation of multiple. The humble comic book has given us some of the most iconic characters of the past century. This is the 10 worst examples of times that comic book. Make sure that never happens again, and check out our picks of the best comics and graphic novels you should read before theyre adapted to film or television.

So hes clearly a character comic book fans love to hate. Dr doom of the comics has stolen the power of the gods, made the all powerful galactus his herald and even taken on mephisto using science. Earlier this week we posted a list of the 10 best animated comic book tv adaptations of all time giving equal time to the opposite end of the spectrum, its time to. The 15 worst book to film adaptations of all time posted on march 28, 2016 november 6, 2019 by matt wilson besides being full of books, libraries also seem to be full of potential movies for hollywood to make money from. Jump to navigation jump to search this article has multiple issues. The past couple of years sure have been a doozy for. The top 10 worst comic book movie adaptations ever have you ever gotten halfway through a movie in the theater and suddenly weighed the marginal benefitscosts of continuing to sit through the movie. The 10 worst stephen king adaptations according to imdb. Turn the page for our list of hollywoods worst comic book movies, as well as the. Now, on the day when fans will decide where spiderman 3 fits into the mix, we bring you the 10 worst comic book adaptations of alltime. There have been a string of amazing comic book movies coming out lately shout out to wonder woman, spiderman homecoming, thor.

Trust me, it was hard to whittle the sheer volume of poorly adapted comic book movies down to just these few, but i think youll agree that these are the worst of the worst. Even big names like marvel and dc comics have made blunders when it comes to putting beloved comic characters and their stories on. Wolverine no doubt, were all looking forward to reynolds reprisal of this role in deadpool, scheduled for release on february 12, 2016. Not all comic adaptations are superheroes, however. The 10 worst movies based on comic books and 10 best. The best, worst, and weirdest adaptations of dracula. The highly celebrated comic book writer, novelist, playwright and screenwriter tony lee teaches the raindance introduction to comic book and graphic novel script writing course. Every adaptation to the hulk has nothing to do with the comic book. Comic books seem to be being adapted more and more every year, so it would be impossible to create a comprehensive list of the worst characterisations with only ten entries, the focus here will be. The flick pick top 10 worst comic book movies of all time. Film noir at its finest and one of the best film adaptations ever.

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