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Using links to these sites means i may earn a small. The child safety project free child id kits for schools. Parents can manage their kids contact list, and monitor messages on the messenger kids app. An id card is a document that is used to prove the identity of the person. Complete this child id kit by attaching a recent photograph of your child and listing all identifying and medical information. Laptop computer microsoft web camera hp inkjet printer 512 dpi fingerprint scanner external keyboard and mouse 100 blank cds with supplies custom ez case ez height chart ez. This kit allows parents to take, store and control their childs fingerprintsdna in their own home. Our free child id kit allows you to collect and store all of your childs vital information in one place, including fingerprints and dna, just in case you ever need it. Mcgruff safe kids home of the mcgruff safe kids id kit. Child id kits for schools, groups and organizations provided to you for free by community sponsors. Laminator using a laminator can help protect documents from harm such as dirt and water. In the event of an emergency when you are not readily available to your child, do they have anything that they.

Buy my child id cristela johanneck kid stuff drivers license pictures mr deeds transportation crafts drivers license kids cuts kindergarten lessons letter a crafts dramatic play camping crafts. Along with providing safety advice to children, the mcgruff safe kids id kit also gives parents a convenient way to store their childs important. Design your id cards using the free id card templates, your own software, or even microsoft word and adobe photoshop. You can use an id template to identify a persons school, office or even country. Apprise teachers of current grade levels, attendance records, and disciplinary issues for each student. Take your childs fingerprints with the mcgruff smartphone id card. This full childsafe child id card and child id kit, with the free online photo service, is our most. This program is not for those who wish to sell the child id kits. Learn ways to improve your childs safety using valuable information for you and your child. Identakids visitor management software is totally customizable. Take a photo of the completed mcgruff smartphone id card with your. Every year, hundreds of thousands of kids in the u. Do you have emergency id cards for your 72 hour kits or for your kids to carry in their backpacks. Laminating your childs id card laminate the printed child id punchout inside of a butterfly laminating pouch.

Create your own id badge or id card with our free printable templates. The intention of this id card is to help you in an emergency. Livonia, mi 48150 7348389800 your ez child id system includes. I would only do this to copies, not originals as any kind of altering may make them invalid according to the social security agency, laminating your social security card can invalidate some of the security features of the card. The child id kit also includes 24 pages of guidance for parents, helping you build your child s selfconfidence by teaching them how to stay safe at all times. Capture your childs dna with the mcgruff dna collection kit. If a dvd or video is lost by a parent or guardian, they can simply have another created. This full childsafe child id card and child id kit, with the free online photo service. The masonic child id program operates with strict confidentiality, with all data on portable computers being removed from systems immediately after the dvd data has been written. The mcgruff safe kids id kits can add an extra level of assurance for the family and shows our ongoing support and commitment to the community. The older kids have state id cards and my younger son felt left out. After filling out the kits at home, your childs information is for you to keep safe and secure in the event the unthinkable occurs.

This software was designed in cooperation with the masons and the michigan masonic lodge. In the united states, nearly 1400 children are reported missing each day. Child safety id cards get custom photo id cards and id. Likewise, prevention information, such as antidrug or antigangrelated messages, can easily be distributed with the id kit. In addition to the basic descriptive information about the child, it includes spaces for fingerprints, photo, dental chart for a dentist to. Our child photo id kits get faster help for your children. Keiki id kit keiki id kit is a valuable tool that can be used to help recover missing children. Child id kits fingerprint kits child identification. Dre sample kit 20mb you can never go wrong with the sounds of dr. Child photo id tag should be also carried by parents, immediate family members.

Child safety photo id kit protect your child with an uptodate laminated photo id. The child id kit also includes 24 pages of guidance for parents, helping you build your childs selfconfidence by. The fbi recognized the child id program as its preferred method of child identification and they encouraged active participation by the over 18,000 law enforcement agencies across the america. In the unlikely event that your child goes missing, you can quickly email the photos and information to authorities. You may want to put your home address on the card or you might not. A child id kit should always include a recent picture of your child, his or her height, weight, physical characteristics, and their thumbprints. Inkless fingerprint id kit national child identification. These free templates allow for two witnesses and a notary. Free to try digiids windows 2000xp2003vista78 version personal version full specs. Rrpd uses child id kits to provide parents with photos, fingerprint cards and other information in a packet that they can give to first responders if their child is ever missing or involved in an. Request a child id kit in the mail to order a printed child identification kit simply fill in the relevant data below. This may or may not conform to your state requirements. Mcgruff safe kids home of the mcgruff safe kids id kit since 1992.

The parent not only receives a printed ez child id card and the ez child id kit form, but they also get a cd with all the information on it. Many companies use the id card not only for identification but also for many security reasons. Law enforcement national child identification program. Ez child id software form includes all 10 fingerprints and is saved in the universal pdf format. In 1992, the mcgruff safe kits were officially licensed by the national crime prevention council, and aimed to teach children about safety in a fun and friendly way.

Our goal is to create safer communities while providing our fun, interactive child safety materials to children and their parents. Emergency id cards free download this post may contain affiliate links, including. If your child is reported missing, you can immediately have all the important information about your child ready to help authorities find them. Our child id card program has been customized for the masons chip program so you know it is the best. Each day, more than 2,100 children are reported missing. You must have adobe acrobat reader its free to see the document. Use the form below to create a photo id for your child. Currently ez child id is being used by the georgia masons chip program, maryland chip, ontario masonichip, kansas masons chip program, maine masons chip program. When recovering a missing child, the most important tools for law enforcement are an uptodate, quality photograph and descriptive information. Each kit contains four 178 x 318 id cards that provide vital information about your child plus one 5 x 612 profile card that contains more detailed information including. The child id card is included in our free child safety kit, which includes 24 pages of guidance for parents and safety tips for children. Child id kits are simple tools that help parents and caregivers be prepared should an emergency situation occur. Round rock pd offering childrens id kits for free fox 7.

Dj mustard samples 2mb all the sounds dj mustard uses in his production can be found in this kit 2. Download the free my child id card, free pdf download. It can be used to hurt you and your child by people with bad intentions. Child id identification card kits free template children safety. Having a special needs child i was always concerned about my son, who was a growing concern and ran off all the time.

Free printable child id card good idea to have for kids. It provides spaces for critical information about a child that law enforcement may find helpful in an event that the child goes missing. The ez child id card and child id data sheet must be given free to the parents and children. Free child id kit our free child id kit serves as a place to maintain a recent photograph no more than 6 months old, your childs fingerprints, their weight, height and other identifying characteristics. Child identification kits texas center for the missing. You are also giving consent for these companies to use automated or manual technology to call, text, or email you for insurance purposes at the telephone number above. But you can certainly use one for other documents you want to keep safe. Simple steps to help your child find home can make the difference.

This allows you to viewdownload and print your childs id photo from. Street smart kidz canada free childrens id kit street. Childprint child id identification kits, childprint child id fingerprinting dna kits, childprint child id custom logo promotional kits, and childprint child id identification cards for parents, law enforcement, businesses, organizations, and schools. Simply download the free fbi mobile application from the app store on itunes, add the latest photos of your child, enter key information about him or her, and update it regularly. The content of this id kit is designed to be used in an interactive way with your child and provide a comprehensive id packet for your children. Click each link below and look around each website for the download link or button. Feel free to download and print this free coloring book as a child safety resource, by. Download your free safety kit polly klaas foundation. Our free child id kit allows you to collect and store all of your child s vital information in one place, including fingerprints and dna, just in case you ever need it. I was worried he would get lost and i wouldnt find him. The national child identification program inkless fingerprint i. Ez child id software program ez child id program software free download we are pleased.

Your free child id kit is ready polly klaas foundation. Check out this free printable from mom with a prep. To order a printed child identification kit simply fill in the relevant data below. Kit this is the only inhome identification kit to have partnered with and been approved by the the federal bureau of investigation fbi. Right now, the child id app is only available for use on iphones and can only be downloaded for free from the app store on itunes, but we plan to expand this tool to other types of mobile devices. Parents should store their child id kits in a place which can be easily accessed and they should keep them up. A message for parents how to protect your kids with id kits. Texas center for the missing provides takehome, child identification kits in english and spanish by mail.

We are going to send a free child id kit home with every student at your school, or child within your organization absolutely free. Some people try to make the streets safe for kids, we have taken a different tack. First draft will be emailed between 12 business days after artwork is received. Recording your childs personal information in the privacy of your own home is important. The fbi recommends that you have information that helps identify your child ready to hand to law enforcement the instant you report your child missing. By entering and submitting your information, you give consent for a licensed insurance agent to contact you to arrange a convenient time to deliver our child safe kit s and explain additional insurance coverage available.

Our child id card provides parents and law enforcement with crucial information should your child become lost or missing. The child safe kit app gives you the ability to store vital information about your child which can be shared instantly with law enforcement authorities and your. Update the photograph and information every 6 months, and keep the kit in. Along with providing safety advice to children, the mcgruff safe kids id kit also gives parents a convenient way to store their child s important. Due to overwhelming requests, we are limiting this offer to 3 free child id kits. Sep 16, 2014 download the free my child id card, free pdf download.

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